6 Reasons You Should Scatter Eggshells All Over Your Garden

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In this article, you can find 6 best reasons why you should use eggshells in your garden.

Holidays have a way of dredging up old memories, for example, my Swedish grandmother’s method of putting a dried, crushed eggshell into her old percolator along with the coffee grounds. My grandmother’s people came from the north of Sweden where nothing is wasted but did putting eggshells in the coffee make it better?

Actually, it probably did. Eggshells are made up orimarily of calcium, which readily leaches into warm, acidic liquids like coffee, which has a pH between 4 and 5. Like a low dose of lime, the eggshells probably raised the pH slightly and mellowed its flavor. They also probably enriched the coffee with dietary calcium, which Grandma Ruth would have loved had she known about it.

Indeed, recent research has shown that consuming eggshell powder as a dietary supplement increases the formation of both cartilage and bone in people with osteoporosis, and can significantly strengthen bthe ones of post-menopausal women.