What do you see? Optical illusion reveals your hidden weakness in relationships

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The image you see first is said to say a lot about the aspects of your personality that can impact your relationships

What do you see first?

This optical illusion by artist Oleg Shupliak’s is a surrealist painting depicting a mountain landscape.

Shupliak is renowned for combining faces of people within landscapes in his collection of hidden paintings, and it is claimed that this Visions in the Mountains picture can reveal your hidden weaknesses.

Several different people are hidden within the landscape and the person you are drawn to first reportedly reflects your negative habits in relationships and what you need to do as a partner to keep that spark alive, according to Your Tango.

If you saw the hooded figure first, your biggest weakness in a relationship is your temper.

Everyone has a tendency to lose their cool at one point or another, but it is said that people who spot the hooded figure become angry more easily.

To improve your relationship, you need to be careful what you say when you lose your temper as words can hurt and can be difficult to take back.

Your Tango states: “Sometimes just walking away until the red subsides is the best way to make productive communication happen.”

If you spotted the face of the Mona Lisa when you first glanced at the illusion, your greatest weakness in a relationship is the way you romanticise life.

You find “everyday beauty” in relationships with different people, but your outlook means you have a tendency to avoid problems and pretend everything is fine when it’s not.

Shying away from issues is not healthy in a relationship and will not do you or your partner any good.

The person sitting on a jacket

If the first thing you saw in the image was a person sitting crossed legged on a jacket, your biggest weakness in a relationship is supposedly your fear of conflict.

You find having to express negative emotions or concerns to another person difficult, and worry about having such conversations as you fear how they might react.

Learning how to deal with issues head-on is key to a healthy relationship and making it work long-term.

The person sitting on a rock in the distance

Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted the man sitting on a rock in the distance first, which supposedly means your biggest weakness is a tendency to isolate yourself.

You enjoy spending quality time by yourself, but you need to ensure you also make time for your partner.

Your Tango states: “You call yourself an introvert, but the truth is that sometimes you just take it too darn far, alienating yourself not just from your peers, but also from the person you love most in the world.

“Getting time to yourself is important, but if you really want to nurture your relationship so that it goes the distance, you need to carve out time to be with your partner.

“The quality time you spend together is a wordless way of expressing your affection that can make a major difference in your connection.”

The bearded man

If the bearded man was the first thing that jumped out at you in this image, it means your biggest weakness is low self-esteem.

You know you have a lot of value, but sometimes a lack of self-confidence can rear its head in relationships which may have a negative effect on your love life.

Having the ability to accept that your partner loves you no matter what is important for trust and will help to strengthen your bond.

Your Tango explains: “Never question why your partner loves you. Plain and simple: that’s not your problem, and it isn’t even your right to know.

“Blindly accepting the love your significant other offers you is essential if you hope to deepen your connection over time.