10 Indoor Plants That Need Water Once a Month

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If your reason for being a houseplant murderer is a busy lifestyle or forgetful nature, grow these 10 Indoor Plants that Don’t Need Water before a month.

Water is life to plants, and they need it regularly. However, certain plants are different. These low water plants need less moisture and can survive for an extended period. Considering the indoor conditions like indirect sunlight and lack of evaporation, they can grow without water for up to 15-30 days.

1. ZZ Plant

This popular houseplant often tops the “most likely to survive” lists, making it a perfect pick for any time of year. What makes the ZZ plant particularly notable is its remarkable ability to thrive in areas with minimal natural light. Also famous for its robust nature, it is a forgiving plant when it comes to watering. Also, too much watering can cause rhizome rot. Water it usually in 20-30 days.

2. Succulents

On a windowsill in a dry room is the ideal location for a succulent collection. They come in a wide array of colors and styles, so you can mix and match to create a unique grouping.

As succulents and cacti are tough desert plants, they do well in dry soil. They’re one of the best indoor plants that need water once a month.

3. Cast Iron Plant

A resilient beauty, with shiny dark green leaves, the Cast Iron Plant is the perfect statement plant for rooms with no natural light. It is a slow grower, can withstand dry spells, and is known to be a virtually everlasting houseplant.

The cast iron plant needs occasional watering as it can survive in dry soil for a long time. For best results, let the growing medium become dry a bit between watering spells. Saturate the plant only when the top layer shows a lack of moisture.

4. Rubber Plant

This fast-growing Ficus elastica loves bright sun and medium to low watering. Watering it once every 15 days is the key to optimum growth. During winters, you can reduce it down to once a month.

5. Snake Plant

If you’re looking for an easy-care houseplant, you can’t do much better than snake plant. This hardy indoor is still popular today — generations of gardeners have called it a favorite — because of how adaptable it is to a wide range of growing conditions. Most snake plant varieties have stiff, upright, sword-like leaves that may be banded or edged in gray, silver, or gold. Snake plant’s architectural nature makes it a natural choice for modern and contemporary interior designs. Depending on the position of where you have placed the Snake plant, you can water it anywhere between 10 to 20 days. Water it once a month during winters and wet weather. It’s one of the best houseplants around!

6. Spider Plant

In the initial growing stage, you might have to give little attention to the plant with regular watering. Once it attains its growth, water the plant moderately when the top layer of soil appears dry. During wet weather, you should water it once a month.

7. Ponytail Palm

With its bulbous trunk, cascading ponytail of leaves, and endearing proportions, the ponytail palm is a cute plant that happens to be pretty low maintenance. A slow-grower that can reportedly live for decades, or even centuries, it’s no wonder that the ponytail palm is a popular houseplant choice.

Being a succulent, Ponytail plant can go really long without water because of its fat trunk that stores water. For the best growth, water it once in 20-30 days.

8. Zebra Cactus

The Zebra Cactus, Haworthia fasciata, is one of the best office plants and can be placed almost anywhere. It is easy to care for and will accent any decor.

Since the zebra cactus is a succulent, it can store water and go on for days in dry soil. It’s best to water it only when the upper layer of soil looks dry.

9. String of Pearls

String of pearls is a beautiful, cascading succulent that will add that little quirk to any house. The plant grows fast and propagates easily and can grow both indoor and outdoor. If you are looking for a beautiful succulent to grow, Senecio Rowleyanus Strings of pearls is a great choice.

This cascading succulent is sensitive to overwatering. The key here is to put your finger in the soil to check the dryness level before you water this plant again. Water it once every 10-15 days. Come winters, and this plant will be happy with once a month watering!

10. Aloe

Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years. It is best known for treating skin injuries, but also has several other beneficial effects on health.

Aloes are known for their water carrying abilities in their fat leaves. This gives them the ability to remain for 2-3 weeks without water. Put your thumb on the top layer , and if it appears dry, only then water the plant.