10 Gardening Tips to Keep Your Plants Healthy

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It is important to make sure your plants stay healthy and disease free throughout their life cycle. So, these tips will make sure you keep up with your plants health and happy growth. Follow the tips bellow and enjoy growing your precious plants!

1. Propagate your Roses with Potatoes

Roses love potatoes! They are perfect for helping maintain the stanch of roses in the ground. Simply make a small hole in a medium sized potato and push the end of the rose stem in. Then plant the rose with the potato in the ground. You will see the difference once your roses start blooming!

2. Use Nappies in Potted Plants

This sounds a little bit weird, right? Think of it this way: whatever makes your plants happy and healthy, you should do it! By putting the nappy at the bottom of the potted plant container with soil on top this will help to retain water and will stop the annoying leaks.

3. Ground Eggshells to Powder

The image above says it all! Sprinkle your blended eggshells on the ground around your plants for a lovely calcium boost.

4. Use Old Coffee Grounds

By adding coffee grounds to your plants you will provide vital nutrients to your plants and keep away unwanted pests at the same time.

5. Homemade Weed Spray

Instead of buying weed sprayers, why not make your own? All you need is  white vinegar, table salt, and liquid dish soap.

6. Make a Mini Greenhouse for Your Seeds

Make a mini greenhouse for your seedlings. You can use a large milk jug, that will house your seeds perfectly. Add dirt, a little manure and your seeds in the milk jug. In no time you will see sprouts!

7. Use a Plastic Bottle for Irrigation

Ensure your plants get a proper irrigation by placing a plastic bottle that has holes pushed into it. This way you can fill the water bottle up and the water will slowly seep through the soil giving the plants a thorough watering!

8. Start Seedlings in an Eggshell

In order to give your seedlings the best chance consider growing them in eggshells.

9. Use Epsom Salt for a Healthy Ground

Epsom salt improves a plants blooming period and enhances color, as well as it allows the plants to take up vital nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

10. Use Rainwater

It is a good idea to use rainwater, especially during the summer months. You should always have a supply of rainwater on hand for your plants.