Stick a Rose Cutting in Your Potato & Get the Best Rose-Filled Summer Garden

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Roses ar the foremost standard flower fully grown in gardens, in step with a poll of thirty,000 gardeners by Bombay Outdoors. The rose took a walloping thirty two % of the full votes, with the second place flower (zinnia) solely raking in seven percent!

These stunning blooms need some level of care to supply the most effective flower, however a handy technique from Fenyutas might facilitate. The trick is to plant your rose cuttings in an exceedingly potato before swing it into the bottom. This helps guarantee your flowers get enough wetness and nutrients as they adjust to the soil. Keep reading and see however it’s done.


  • Rose cuttings
  • Knife and/or drilling bit
  • Potato
  • 1-liter water bottles


Follow these straightforward steps to urge your potato-planted rose started.

1. Use a knife to chop all the thorns off very cheap half your flower stem.

2. Use a knife to chop a slender however deep hole into the body of the potato. Use a pointy knife and twist it in an exceedingly circular motion. build it simply wide enough to suit the stem, however use caution to not cut all the approach through very cheap of the potato. you’ll additionally use a drilling bit to twist a hole into the potato.

3. Wedge your stem into the opening you only created together with your knife. you’ll have to be compelled to twist the stem a touch to create certain it fits tightly. ​

4. Fill a medium-sized planter regarding 1/3 of the approach full with soil and place your potato/rose cutting on high of the soil. Push into the soil to stay the potato stable. Then fill the remainder of the instrumentation with soil.

5. Use a knife to chop off very cheap of a 1-liter bottle. take away the lid and place the bottle (cut bottom down) over your rose cutting. You’ll desire a bottle for every cutting that you just plant. The bottles can defend your cuttings till they’re stronger.

Water as needed.

Other tips

If you actually need to assist your new roses succeed, strive adding one in all the following tips to your maintenance routine:

– Add 2 to a few cut banana peels below the bowery space of your bush (but not touching the stem), or mix the peels with water. Let the banana water set for a couple of minutes before applying it to the roots of your plant.

– Woman’s Weekly recommends ensuring that your roses get lots of daylight. they have a minimum of four hours of sun on a daily basis.

-Protect your roses from critters like Japanese beetles and aphids by spreading plants apart (to keep any bugs or unwellness from spreading), and take a look at applying a soap spray mixture to the flowers, in step with Heirloom Roses.