Delightful Garlic Vodka Alfredo Sauce With Shrimp

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Need to put a curve to your normal white sauce pasta? Then, at that point, we propose you attempt this magnificent garlic vodka alfredo sauce with shrimp recipe! This 25-minute recipe is truly simple to make and a large portion of the fixings are promptly accessible in your storage room. It’s an incredible expansion to your rundown of supper dinners. This penne ala vodka with shrimp recipe is shockingly better when presented with garlic bread.

Now consider the effect that vodka has on the alfredo sauce. When cooked, the greater part of mixers’ liquor content dissipates. Flavor aromas are enhanced by the remaining low alcohol concentrations. For this situation, the vodka lights up the velvety alfredo sauce, and with the expansion of garlic, this makes this vodka sauce pasta with shrimp amazing and wonderful.


How to Make Delightful Garlic Vodka Alfredo Sauce With Shrimp: Creamy penne alla vodka pasta with shrimp. Delightful Garlic Vodka Alfredo Sauce With Shrimp Recipe Each nibble is loaded up with scrumptious pasta, messy white vodka cream sauce, and flavorful shrimp.

Ten minutes Cook:
15 total minutes:
Serves: 25 minutes

4 individuals

8 oz penne, cooked and cooled
1 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
4 tbsp spread, unsalted
¾ cup weighty cream
¼ cup chicken stock
½ cup vodka
½ cup Parmesan cheddar, ground or powdered
½ cup Monterey Jack, Asiago or Provolone cheddar, ground
½ lb shrimp, stripped and deveined
salt, to taste


In a huge skillet, heat oil over medium intensity.

Shrimp and garlic should be briefly fried. Place aside.

In one more profound skillet, include spread, cream, chicken stock and vodka.
Stir occasionally as you bring to a simmer.
Add cheeses, salt, and pepper.
Cook for five minutes. Mix persistently to soften the cheddar.

Mix in the shrimp and pasta in an even layer.

It should continue to simmer for another five minutes. Serve.