How to Make Thick Italian Hot Chocolate

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One of the best and easiest Italian desserts is thick, creamy Italian hot chocolate.

In Italy, cioccolata calda is a chocolate drink with a pudding-like consistency that is rich and creamy.

It’s made with milk, good dark chocolate, sugar, and a secret ingredient that makes it super rich and thick instead of cocoa powder and water.

On a chilly winter day, this is the most amazing and reassuring drink you can have.

thick Italian hot chocolate with cream on top.
It has nothing to do with the watery hot chocolate, drinking chocolate, or hot cocoa that bars and cafeterias all over the world frequently serve.

Play Video of Italian Hot Chocolate I’m a big fan of hot chocolate, and I’ve tried and tasted it in many countries. However, nothing comes close to the decadent Italian version.

In front of the famous Piazza Della Signoria in Florence, Italy, Caffè Rivoire – Master Chocolatiers serves the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

In the event that you can’t travel to Florence, sit back and relax! In just ten minutes, you can make this well-known thick hot chocolate at home.

Ingredients for Italian hot chocolate: milk, corn starch, sugar, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate
Dairy milk: Feel free to use milk that has been skimmed or whole.
Cocoa mass: Natural or unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa are both viable options; however, I prefer Dutch-process unsweetened cocoa powder.
Chocolate dark: You can use dark chocolate that is either 55%, 60%, or 70% dark for the best results.
Sugar: For this recipe, I always use classic granulated sugar.
Corn starch: Although it may sound strange, thick, delicious hot chocolate can only be made with cornflour (or corn starch).
The SECRET Ingredient That’s right—cornflour is the secret ingredient that gives this cioccolata calda, which is made in the Italian style, its thick and creamy texture.

Try not to stress over the flavor, corn starch goes totally imperceptible over your sense of taste, however it will give you that astonishing thick surface.

Additionally, cornflour is naturally gluten-free; however, if you have any dietary restrictions, please ensure that you purchase gluten-free cornflour.

I guarantee, when you have every one of the fixings prepared, it in a real sense requires 10 minutes to have an Astonishing cup of thick hot cocoa in your grasp.

The full printable recipe can be found at the post’s conclusion if you scroll down.

four images illustrating the four steps in the Italian hot chocolate recipe collage.
STEP 1. Blend dry fixings.

In the beginning, combine the sugar, cocoa, and cornflour in a small saucepan.

STEP 2. Use milk.

In the saucepan, add the warm milk.

STEP 3. Add chocolate.

After whisking the mixture frequently to prevent lumps, add the chopped chocolate (or chocolate chips).

STEP 4. Whisk until it becomes thick.

The drinking chocolate should be whisked until it is smooth and dense.

Serve the drinking chocolate you’ve prepared in two cups with freshly whipped double cream on top.