If your butt starts to sting, you should go straight to the kitchen, where you will find the cure!

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It is not a shame if a person has hemorrhoids and tries to get rid of them. This is a common problem, it can be cured and you should not be afraid of it. If your penis starts to hurt, and the inflammation of hemorrhoids can cause discomfort. The burning and stinging part is the most annoying, but it can be equipped with some kitchen equipment.

By using these things, you eliminate inflammation, irritation and their effects.

Here are some of the popular natural remedies for acne that people are so embarrassed about. With them, you can control the negative effects without spending a lot of money.

olive oil

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera, it can reduce inflammation and stop itching of the skin better than any medicine. Buy aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area. You will feel relief in your chest after using it.


Potatoes should be used to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids, because it has a drying effect. This is a very good treatment if you are bleeding. You should mash potatoes and rub the skin on the hemorrhoids. Then let the skin dry and the itching and burning will be greatly reduced.


Chamomile is good for relieving any pain you feel in your body. To prevent scarring and reduce inflammation. You just have to put a little chamomile in the boiling water, and when it cools down, wipe the hemorrhoids with a cloth and put it on the affected area for a few minutes.
Vitamin E

If you have problems, vitamin E is also a good option for regular treatment. As the skin dries, it begins to bleed, so the area should be moisturized. Buy vitamin E capsules and use them as suppositories.

Try some or all of these solutions, the choice is yours. In any case, you can contact your doctor if there is something additional that is not mentioned here and you can use it to get rid of it quickly.