If You Can Find The Woman Hiding In This Photo, You’re Considered To Have An Above Average IQ

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We challenge you to find the woman hidden in the photo of Jörg Düsterwald, a German artist known for his incredible body art.

Puzzles, various challenges, optical illusions, and games have been amusing for people since forever. Yet, it seems that this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have more time and a renewed interest to try out their skills.

Therefore, we decided to challenge you with one painting. Some claim that those who can find a woman in it in less than 5 seconds have an IQ higher than the average, but there is no scientific evidence that confirms this claim.

Still, would you like to try it?

Do you struggle to find the woman?

Here is one clue: take a look at the base of the tree, in the bottom right-hand corner. How about now?

Still not? Here is some additional help:

Jörg Düsterwald, an artist from Germany, is known for his amazing body art. For over 20 years, he has been painting on human bodies, so his subjects perfectly blend into whatever background or scene he puts them in.

Initially, he posted the image of an old gated stone fence, which is surrounded by fallen leaves and trees. Then, he challenged his followers to find the hidden woman in it.

In fact, the woman isn’t hiding at all, she’s sitting right in the front of the picture. Painted skillfully to blend in with the tree and the leaves on the ground, there is no wonder you cannot easily find her!

Here she is!