Optical illusion contains secret image that reveals a lot about your personality – but what do you see first?

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THIS mind-bending optical illusion contains a secret image that could reveal a lot about your personality.

The picture shared by Tiktoker Mia Yilin shows two animals in the trees but also contains a hidden element that may not be so obvious.

What do you see in this mind-bending optical illusion first?Credit: Instagram/@mia_yilin_

In the clip, Mia explains that what you see first will tell you a lot about your habits and personality traits.

She explained that if you saw the black tiger and the bird first, you believe you are a “natural-born leader” and like to “keep things under control by being in charge”.

She said: “That is not to say you are a ruthless tyrant, but an attentive and sometimes charismatic manager.

“In times of need people often turn to you for advice because they know they can always depend on you to make things right.”

However, she warned that you should be wary of people trying to “take advantage of you”.

But hidden among the animals is something that you might not have spotted – a female face.

Mia explains that if you saw the beautiful face first then you are a “very patient person” who is able to face “the challenges and trials that come with life and like to go with the flow”.

She added: “This doesn’t mean that you are a pushover but you like to be the bigger man and rise above things by compromising and listening to what others have to say

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“With that being said, you’re also very honest and like to give it to people straight.”

Many were quick to comment on the video that’s now been viewed nearly 40,000 times.

One person commented: “Scary how accurate she can be.”

Another added: “100 per cent correct, I saw the beauty.”