What you see first in ‘mind bending’ optical illusion reveals your social traits

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Optical illusions are fascinating – because the way our brains perceive images can be different. This happens when what we are looking at plays tricks on our vision. Our brain and eyes really have to work together to determine what we’re looking at.

Sometimes you and someone else can be looking at exactly the same thing, but you’re seeing two completely different things. According to website JagranJosh, what you see can actually tell us about your personality.

More specifically, a recent ‘mind-bending’ optical illusion can reveal something about yourself you might not already know – your social traits. According to the website, the optical illusion is also a personality test.

How you interpret the beautiful picture, and more specifically, what image you see first within it, can help reveal your true nature. So what do you see first?

The images you might be able to see within the optical illusion is a baby, a couple and the trees. If you managed to see all of them, what did you see first?

If you saw the baby first, it apparently means you like your own company, which you shouldn’t feel guilty about. It could also mean that being in a social gathering or group makes you feel “emotionally drained and physically exhausted”, so you shouldn’t “feel guilty if you just don’t feel like going out”.

If you saw the couple first, it could mean you love the company of your loved ones, and similarly to the above, it means you don’t like loud parties and big groups.

Lastly, if you saw the trees first, it could mean you’re a social butterfly, and have a “very bubbly personality and have an amazing endless energy”. The website continues: “This also means that you are spontaneous and are always ready to explore new places. You are always open to new experiences and change is not a big deal for you.”