What you see first in this optical illusion will reveal whether you’re naive or have a very strong character

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A psychology whizz took to social media to share the image, which shows a green scenery with trees, fields, a small cabin, a lake and a basket with fruit in it.

But if you look closely, you can also spot the face of a woman in the photo.

Whichever one you see first says a lot about your personality…

“Discover your true identity by responding to the first thing you see in the image,” TikTok user @psychologylove100 told viewers as the video came to a start.

He continued: “If you saw a woman picking apples, it means you’re a naive and easily manipulated person.

“Remember that not all people are as good as you think.

“However, with the events that have happened in your life, you’re getting stronger and stronger.”

He went on to share that you like to plan ahead and foresee all possible outcomes of a situation so that you’re “ready to take on any obstacles” that might come your way.

Not only are you a thoughtful person, but you also consider the consequences of your actions before doing anything.

However, if you saw the face of a woman hiding in the greenery, this means you have “energy and strive to achieve every goal or objective you set for yourself”.

He went on; “On the other hand, your character is very strong and you’re someone who is very direct and frontal, which means that sometimes you don’t get along with everyone.

“But that doesn’t keep you awake at night.”

The psychology whizz added that you’re someone who can see the big picture on a long-term scale and can make decisions based on this to benefit your future.

“However, you can also be too much of a perfectionist and can sometimes be too strict with yourself or others,” he added as the video came to an end.

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “Is it crazy that I can’t see the woman picking apples? I see the basket with apples but not the woman picking them. I saw the face first.”

Another shared: “So true of me seeing the woman’s face,” as a third chimed: “Every time u r right”.

“I can see a face with house on right eye and a basket on the lip and that was me as described,” a fourth said.

While a fifth person added: “face lol I didn’t even see the woman picking the apples until he said she was there”.