What you see first in this optical illusion can tell how mature you are

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New Delhi: Optical illusions trick our perception, causing us to see something differently from how it actually exists in reality. The illusions often involve distortion of size, shape, colour or motion. Our brain processes visual information based on various cues and assumptions, which can sometimes be deceived by the way an image or scene is presented to us.

Optical illusions can be created using various techniques such as perspective, shading, colour and patterns, to generate effects that challenge our understanding of what we see.

The latest optical illusion to go viral on social media tells how mature you are – and it all depends on what you see first in the optical illusion. Take a look:

Optical illusion

Optical illusion maturity test | Image: Mia Yilin

What did you see first in this optical illusion image – a cat or an island?

The optical illusion image was posted by Mia Yilin. “The first thing you see in this picture says a lot about your personality,” Mia captioned the optical illusion.


If you first saw the island in the optical illusion, you hate being alone. You love having friends and you will do anything to gain their favour, even if it means to change or personality or deprecate yourself.

Mia said, “You’re also very indecisive, especially in stressful and important situations.”


If you saw the cat first in the optical illusion, you’re someone who “rarely gets angry with others.”

Even if you feel uncomfortable, you will laugh it off and try to avoid fights.

“However, if someone really gets on your nerves and crosses your boundaries, then nothing can control your fury,” Mia said.

You are super mature and consider other people’s perspectives. You take responsibility when you are wrong.

Netizens said that what they spotted first in the optical illusion matched with Mia’s explanations.

One user said, “Awesome. I saw cat and each and every word you said is true for me.” Another wrote, “Always spot on.”

What did you see first in the optical illusion? Did the description match with your personality?