This Woman Ate Nothing But Bananas For 12 Days, Here’s What Happened

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Bananas are extremely beneficial fruits which provide numerous benefits for our health. Low in sodium, and rich in potassium, this remarkable food is one of the healthiest ones in the world. In general, the consumption of bananas is safe for everyone, including those who have heart diseases, cancer, kidney diseases or diabetes.
A woman called Yulia Tarbath ate nothing but bananas for 12 days, which is called mono-fruit diet. This is an excellent detoxification and a great way to lose some pounds.
Yulia and her husband are vegans and they have their own fruit garden. She is a nutritionist and a motivational coach and she decided to do this experiment in order to see the health benefits of bananas.
Although this beneficial fruits is higher in calories than other fruits, it can suppress your appetite and make you fell full for a longer period, due to its high amounts of fructose, glucose, sucrose and fiber.
The first results Yulia noticed were improved digestion and reduced stomach pains. Her intestines functioned perfectly. In addition, she solved all issues concerning high blood sugar, hormonal imbalance and Candida that she suffered before the experiment.
She soon got pregnant, even though she had fertility problems for many years, which disappeared during the treatment.

Before you do this experiment, it is advisable that you consult your doctor, since mono- fruit diets, despite the great health benefits, are really drastic and are not suitable for everyone, especially people who have problem with thyroid gland.