Only geniuses can spot all 13 hidden animals in a race against 10 second clock

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Taking on an optical illusion once in a while can help keep your brain sharp.

Keeping your mind active, giving it a work out from time to time, is just as important as keeping your body active, with brain teasers and illusions a great test – from improving your focus to working on your problem solving skills as well as giving you better visual awareness and sharpening concentration.

However, they can be a little frustrating as you try to figure out the challenge – often in a race against the clock. And this illusion is no different, leaving viewers scratching their heads as they try to spot all 13 hidden animals in a race against the clock.

According to Jargon Josh, only those with genius level IQs can identify every animal in 10 seconds or less. Only one per cent of people are able to solve the illusion in the allotted time.

So, if you are hoping to gain some bragging rights and show off your brain power to your loved one, get your timer ready!

If it takes you a little longer, do not fret! Some have been left wondering how on earth 13 animals have bee squeezed in and hidden after focusing on the snap for much, much longer.

Ready to give up yet? Take this as your official spoiler warning.

Looking closely at the picture you will be able to notice an elephant, tortoise, mosquito, fish, donkey, head of a bird, dog, dolphin, snake, crocodile, cat, prawn, and mouse.

Some animals are, of course, easier to spot than others, with a number hiding away.

Optical illusion featuring 13 hidden animals
Did you spot all 13 in the picture?