You could have a high IQ if you can spot the sneaky snake hiding among the giraffes in 11 seconds

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The cartoon animals appear to reaching their necks up to snack on some of the delicious foliage overhead.

But hiding amongst them somewhere is a very sneaky snake.

The snake is using its similar colour and long slender body to try and look just like one of the giraffes.

And you could have a high IQ if you can spot the slithering reptile in just 11 seconds.

So have a go and try your best, can you see the stealthy snake?

Scroll up and have a good look to see if you can spot him.

Have you had any luck?

Well done if you have spied the snake, but don’t worry if not, the solution is here.

If you have given up, we can tell you how to solve the puzzle.

Draw your eyes across the top of the image from left to right, and then at the right-hand edge scan your vision directly down.

Go past the cheeky giraffes hiding in the leaves and the big trunk of the tree.

And then right there, surrounded by the giraffes is the sneaking snake.

You can tell by the shape of his head and his little forked tongue that he is a wriggling reptile rather than a massive mammal.

So did you manage to spot him?

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If you found out without using this solution - well done!