Optical Illusion: Only people with very sharp eyes can see a face in this picture

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The aim of optical illusions is to trick our thoughts by using visual images. They are sometimes referred to as “visual illusions,” and instances of how frequently they are used as simple IQ tests abound in pop culture. The three basic types of optical illusions are literal, physiological, and cognitive.

Interesting effect on perception and thought

When our brains mistakenly interpret an object’s physical qualities, literal illusions occur. Physiological illusions are caused by how our eyes and brains process light and color. Cognitive illusions occur when our minds make conclusions about what we are experiencing in spite of conflicting data. Studies show that regular practice of optical illusions can improve concentration and delay the onset of cognitive aging in adults.

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In just 6 seconds, can you find the hidden face among the snowy peaks?

The image posted above depicts an outstanding mountain range with flawlessly snow-covered summits. What a beautiful scene,right? The hidden face in this image is concealed somewhere in the highlands, and readers have six seconds to find it. Your time to figure that out has started. It’s a great opportunity to practice your observational skills. Internet users have a hard time finding a hidden face in the mountains. If you look closely enough, the snapshot reveals the face that was hidden.