This optical illusion can reveal if you’re really a judgemental person – but it all hinges on what you see first

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This optical illusion can reveal if you’re really a judgemental person, or if too self-critical – but it all depends on what you see first.

After the illustration was shared on TikTok by Mia Yilin, it left people stunned by how accurate it is.

The image shows a black crow perched on a rock – the bird is stacking smaller rocks on top of each other.

The outline of the crow and the pile of rocks also form the profile of a man’s face.

But which did you see first?

According to Mia they both mean something very different, so look closely.

She explained: “If you first saw the crow then you are someone who is very judgmental towards others.”

You might not like this personality trait, but no matter what you still end up with very strong opinions about everyone you meet.

That said, you do have a “very strong intuition” and often end up being right about your assumptions.

However, if you fall into the group who saw the face first you’re probably very critical of yourself.

“You use that as a defence mechanism because you’re so scared of being rejected or disliked by others that you subconsciously want to beat them to the chase by being mean to yourself first,” Mia explained.

It’s time to stop allowing self-sabotaging thoughts and ideas stop your from being your true self,” she added.

After sharing the illusion on TikTok views were impressed with it’s accuracy.

One commented on the clip: “Why are you always describing my whole personality.”

And a second agree: “I saw the face and now I feel attacked.”