The First Thing You See Reveals The True Side of Your Personality!

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Today’s optical Illusion picture is a great revealer of the actual or true side of the reader’s personality. The optical illusion test asks you to identify what you see first on one look at the image. What you see is based on your personality. Take a look at the image below and tell us what you observe. Did you see a tree and bird, gorilla, lion, or fish in the image? Tell us through the comment box below and read the analysis.

The picture below is a combination of many things at once. You can not see just one thing at a time.

Take a look at the picture below now. What do you see first?

Optical Tree

The picture can show four major possibilities:

  1. Tree and birds
  2. Gorilla
  3. Lion
  4. Fish

Optical Illusion: Analysis

Tree & Birds:

This means you are an honest and rational person. You are also known for being positive and your friends often come to you for advice. You are the advisor of the group and are considered to be the wisest among all.


A negative side to your personality is that you are also known for being too rigid. Therefore you must try to be more spontaneous and flexible in your everyday life.


You have the most strong personality and are an influential person. Everyone around you is aware of your aims and you achieve them as well.


You always push yourself and the people around you to achieve anything they put their minds to. You like to take risks in life and whenever you are hot with any obstacle or you fail at something, you come back stronger.


In case you see the gorilla first, you are the Mr/Ms Curious of your group. You are a highly analytical person. You always tend to find a deeper meaning in things that seem ordinary. You seek opportunities to grow and wish the same for everyone around you. You are also a problem solver.


You do not wish to trouble anyone else around you which is why you do things on your own. You are stubborn and strong-headed.


If you saw the fish first, which is very much not possible because only one out of 100 people sees it, you can be labelled as a dreamer, an optimistic and a cheerful person. You have a positive view of life.


You are an idealist as well. However, at times people take advantage of you due to your helpful nature.

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