What’s Your Body Shape? Learn What Does it Reveal About Your True Character

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These 4 silhouettes can be considered the most popular, their characteristics are represented by most women. Choose the silhouette that best reflects you and read what it says about you below.

1. Apple

Women with such a figure usually have distinct leadership skills, make quick decisions, and are independent and responsible. However, they have only one bad habit: they have no limit on work, rest, food, and sports.

2. Pear

These women are very caring and sensitive. They get along with new people easily, as if they hear their thoughts and tendencies. Due to the slow metabolism, they may seem outwardly indifferent, but this is a misleading impression, as these women are very emotional.

3. Rectangle

Women of this type are mostly introverted, prone to art and science. They may seem indifferent and closed, but not because they are unwilling to communicate, but because they are self-sufficient.

4. Hourglass

Women of this type are cheerful, active, and sociable. They are very communicative. Thanks to this they can easily adapt to any situation.