What you see first within 5 seconds reveals your personality

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Optical illusions have always been the favorite among internet users due to the claims that things that are perceived by the vision and the brain tell a lot about the personality of the individual. The sheer curiosity of knowing about the hidden traits of the personality attracts people to attempt optical illusions.

In this picture, what seems to be like a young woman is actually a combination of several elements. The image has the features of a woman artistically placed by animals.

The trick is to see the picture and tell what is the first element that you see in the picture. Several reports have said that the psychology and the personality of an individual compels him or her to see a particular element in the picture.

These reports, which are massively read and followed online, also claim that what one person sees might be hidden to some other. This is true as well. What one person sees might not be the one that the other person sees. This draws attention towards the viral claims about these optical illusions.

The picture has the face of a young woman, two horses, and 8 birds.

The animals have been placed in the image so tactically that it is practically impossible to say which is an animal and which is a feature of the lady.

04/8​Two Horses

The two horses which seem to be in their wild form are placed at the extreme sides of the image. The horses form the ears, hair, and sideburns of the woman. If one observes closely one can also see that the hoofs of the horses seem like the earrings of the woman.

Reports say, people who observe the horses first are not just as agile as the horses, they are aggressive, focused and are hard to be distracted.

05/8​The three birds flying together

The three birds that are flying together are likely to be noticed first. Given their position in the image and the fact that they are bigger in size than the other birds and have been placed in an isolated manner makes them pretty much visible.

People who see the birds first are freedom-lovers. They can never compromise with their freedom and liberty. With their freedom and free spirit attitude in hand they can go to any height.

06/8​The two pot-bellied birds

This is difficult to see! These two pot bellied birds form the eye pupil of the woman, thus making it hard to distinguish.

People who see these birds first are one of those few ones who look for the tiniest details in everything. They can’t just be happy with what everyone else sees. They always make it a point to stand apart from others.

07/8​The red one and the tiny one

Did you notice that the lips of the woman are not just any normal lips? It’s a lovely red bird perched right under another tiny one.

Though it seems obvious, given the color of the bird and its placement at the lips makes it impossible to notice it at first glance.

People who see these birds first are very observant of their ambience. They start looking for things from the most non-obvious places.

08/8​The bird that seems like Albatross

With wings so wide, this one seems like an Albatross! This bird forms the dramatic eyebrows of the woman as a result of which it escapes everyone’s attention.

Now, if you are one of those who sees it, you know you have those extremely talented powers of observation that hardly anyone else has.