You’re in the top 1% of people if you can spot ALL animals in this optical illusion

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When you first glance at the image you might not realize it contains contains multiple animals.

How many animals can you see?

How many animals can you see?Credit: TikTok

Pointing to the optical illusion, TikTok user Rana Arshad said: “Can you spot all the animals in this image?

“Look closely, because this is kind of tricky.

“If you somehow got it, let me know how many there were in the comments.”

So how many animals can you spot in the brain teaser?

What you see first in this optical illusion reveals your main personality trait

Guesses ranged from five to eight animals in the pictures.

Many viewers found the bear, the bat, the monkey, the dog and the cat.

Others also spotted the squirrel behind the cat on its tail – although some thought it might be a rabbit.

Many answered correctly, with one posting: “6 because there is a squirrel behind the cat on its tail and there’s a dog, bat, bear, cat and monkey.”

Meanwhile, when you first glance at this optical illusion, you may not realize it contains multiple triangles.

In fact, the image is made up of several triangles, way more than you might think at first glance, and only a fragment of the population can spot them all.

Clad in sunglasses, the mysterious content creator showed the confounding triangle image and told viewers to concentrate.

“Only one percent of people can get this right,” Nick said. “How many triangles are in this image?”