What Did You See First? Discover an Important Trait of Your Character

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Personality is a very complex structure influenced by many factors such as genetics but also the environment. What childhood we had, how we were brought up, what we experienced, what we read shapes us.  Psychologists, however, despite the complexity of this sphere, try and create various types of tests to determine who we are. Among other things, optical tests help.

No matter how a person changes or grows, this “default personality” will always be part of them.If you stop and think for a while, you’ll know it’s true.  There is always an aspect of your personality that has stuck with you over the years.  This could be compassionate, empathetic, or enthusiastic. 

So what’s your dominant character trait? 

You just have to look at the image shown below and answer what was the first thing you saw. Then scroll down and find the result.

If you saw the …

The face of a Woman: Compassion

You are unusually considerate of others, kind, and will stop what you are doing to help others in need. You are a very generous person; you show that sharing certainly matters.

Not only do you like to help others to experience the great things that you have lived, spreading good vibes to achieve wealth and fortune, but also opening yourself completely with the hope of exchanging, with greater understanding and feeling, with the people around you. Being generous does not necessarily have to do with the material and you know it very well.

The Book: Empathetic.

You will put others ahead of you. You always take other people’s feelings into account and will do your best to ensure that everyone is satisfied at all times.

You have a big heart with a lot of love to give. Not only that, but you are very aware of other people’s feelings and very aware of how your emotions are affected by your own and the behavior of others. The level of empathy you possess is highly appreciated and accepted by your friends and family, making you a very good company to count on.

Woman with an Arrow: Enthusiast

You are a true fighter who knows that doing something right, done the right way, absolutely takes motivation and drive. Nothing will stand in your way to achieve your goals! When you have a goal or set a plan, there is nothing to stop you.

You are a strong-minded person who can accomplish anything within a given period of time. You are passionate when it comes to things that excite you and this is what makes you so confident and effective with whatever you decide to do.