The first thing you see in this optical illusion will reveal something about your personality

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Take a look at this image and take note of what element you notice first.

This hyper-realistic drawing by Christo Dagorov was shared by Heart who reported that there are several elements that you may notice.

Whatever you noticed first says a lot about your personality.


If you saw the lips first, it is likely that you are a simple and calm person.

“Shying away from drama, you like to live life in the middle land and ‘always go with the flow,’ without being distracted by complications and an ‘unnecessary movement to find fulfillment,'” Heart said.

“While you’re seen as flexible, wise, and honest, some people may perceive you as weak and needing help, but in reality, you’re more than capable of solving your own problems.”


If you noticed trees first, then you’re probably a more outgoing and extroverted person.

“You care a lot about the opinions of others and can sometimes be overly focused on what other people think about you,” said Heart.

“Politeness is something you live by, but you are also extremely mysterious, and it’s hard for other people to know what you’re thinking in social situations.”

“This also means you’re good at hiding your true emotions, and although you have a large group of ‘friends’ around you – only a few are considered ‘true and sincere.'”


You might have seen a line of plant roots instead of trees, and this means you are a very shy person who is introverted.

Heart said: “You are particularly good at accepting constructive criticism and work hard to always better yourself which can inspire people around you.

“WakeUpYourMind states you might be ‘gentle and sometimes have low self-esteem,’ but you’re actually hard-headed and can sometimes be stubborn.

“‘The people you meet first will think that you are someone very ordinary, without talent or revolutionary qualities.

“However, this impression changes when they get to know you and realize that you are extremely competent and enthusiastic.'”