Only those with sharp eyes can spot hidden face in tricky optical illusion

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A new optical illusion has left people scratching their heads to solve – while there’s no time limit to spot the additional woman hiding within the image, it’s incredibly difficult

While there is no time limit to try and spot the older woman cleverly hidden within the photo, it’s a lot harder than you might think to solve.

Test your brain’s capability and thinking skills by spotting the additional woman hidden within the young girl’s portrait.

At first glance, it may seem practically impossible to see another person within the photograph – but we assure you that there is. You just need to really focus.

Once you find the old woman’s face in the image, it might just blow your mind.

Have you spotted the woman yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t as we’re circled the answer for you below.

Did you manage to spot the old woman? To find her, you need to look at the ribbon around the girl’s neck – this is the smile.

Once you start seeing the ribbon as a smile, you’ll notice that the girl’s dress makes up the chin and jawline.

In addition, the young girl’s cheek and jawline make up the old woman’s large nose.

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