Spotting a detail in optical illusion shows you are ‘righteous’ and have strong morals

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If you’re unsure where your priorities lie, a new personality test is claiming it could point you in the right direction; based on what you see first in a mind-bending image.

Interestingly, their response may depend on whether they care deeply about what others think about them, or whether they’re more concerned with living a fulfilling life.

These people feel an immense amount of pressure to present their best side to others, so they take great pride in being complimented and praised.

“When you hear negative comments being said about you, you’ll dwell on it for a very long time,” added Mia.

With regards to relationships, this type of person often lives in fear of losing the person they care about most.

Meanwhile, those who saw the fetus first are more likely to display a different set of characteristics, as their focus is entirely on being alive and healthy.

“If you first saw the fetus then you have a strong set of moral rules, that you abide by when dealing with people, and situations,” noted Mia.

Optical illusion could determine whether you care what others think about you (Image: Getty)

“Because you are very righteous and have a bottom line, there are certain temptations, that you will never give into, no matter how alluring they are.

These people care less about riches but instead focus on finding stable happiness and peace for themselves and those they love.

Many who spotted the foetus first, agreed with this analysis of their personalities, sharing their agreement in the comments.

“I love ur videos soooo accurate,” wrote one person, while another complemented the psychology guru for her analyses.