Optical illusion of trees by a river reveals a risqué second image – what does it mean if you see the hidden figure?

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Can you see the risqué hidden figure camouflaged within this optical illusion of trees by a river? Many people don’t; so, what does it mean if you see the hidden figure? Let’s find out!

First, clear your mind and take a look at the image given below.

The surrealistic image displayed above is a renowned oil painting crafted back in 1991 and is a fine optical illusion. The painting shows a dense woodland scene, in which trees are depicted on either bank of a river. But this river and tree illusion reveals a risqué pic of a bare woman too, but only to those who can see.

If you look intently, you too might see the hidden figure appear in the blank space between the branches and trunks of the trees.

So, what does it say about you if you can discover the risqué hidden figure in this river and tree optical illusion?

Significance Of The Risqué Hidden Figure

The female figure portrayed in this illusion is believed to be a depiction of the mermaid named Berehynia from ancient Eastern Slavic mythology.

According to folklore, Berehynia was considered a pure soul or a good spirit and was revered as the guardian of the various water bodies, including rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. The ancient Slavs who resided on the banks of lakes and rivers believed that Berehynia was responsible for protecting and preserving the water.