Only a true brain whizz can spot man hidden among statues in 3 seconds

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Puzzler lovers have been left baffled over a difficult optical illusion that appears at first glance to show a cluster of classic Grecian-style statues. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll spot a living man amid the stone.

This is a particularly tricky puzzle to solve and will require you to pull from your keenest observation skills. Indeed, it’s said that just one per cent of people will be able to spot the living, breathing man in three seconds or under.

As always with this sort of puzzle, divide the picture carefully into different parts, scanning each bit for tell-tale details. Ask yourself if there are any differences between the very similar statues, and go from there.

Did you manage to spot it yet? If not, head back and try again, timing yourself to see how well you do. Remember, solving puzzles is a skill to hone just like any other, and if you haven’t got the swing of it yet, then just keep practicing.

This particular puzzle, which was shared by Jagran Josh, is by no means an easy one and the differences between the statues and the one lone man are very slight. Once you see it, however, it feels perfectly obvious.

As you can now clearly see, the hidden man is checking his wristwatch to check the time, something that his stoney companions just wouldn’t be able to do.

If you managed to spot him in three seconds or under, then you’re likely a highly intelligent person with impressive levels of visual awareness, focus, and concentration.

You’ll also probably be the sort of person who can easily block out unnecessary distractions, making sure to focus all your attention on the important details only.