Which of These Girls do You Think is the Most Confident and Successful?

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Often we ourselves have no idea what we are capable of. However, only when we become aware of our advantages, do we start to apply them actively and we get an excellent result.

Look at the picture. Take a look at the poses of all four girls.

Which of these girls do you think is the most confident and successful?


Girl # 1

This choice means that you are not afraid of obstacles, because you perceive each problem as a new phase of development.

However, you also have moments of emotional pain and fear. Eyes that burn with passion and a heated mind: this is what you are.

For this reason, you love life and are happy with each new day to find out what it has in store for you.


Girl # 2

You are a very sensitive person. Think long and hard before doing anything.

You only dare to step when you have calculated everything, pros, and cons. Logic and consistency control you and not emotions.

You will never take a risk. Therefore, you miss out on many opportunities in life. Learn to trust your heart.


Girl # 3

It is often difficult for you to explain your choice because you are guided exclusively by intuition.

You have an extremely strong inner sense. Make a good distinction between cunning and truth.

That’s why you’re surrounded only by the best people. You are very kind and creative. You think living in illusions is quite normal and this leads to frustration.


Girl # 4

You are a true leader, but with little self-esteem. They rely only on themselves and their minds.

You are rarely panicked. You have many strategies, so you often change your plans. Stubbornness sets you apart, but it annoys those around you. Everyone sees you as an interesting and charismatic person.