Are You Aware Of Your Thoughts? Choose a Card That Will Help Your Self-discovery Process

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Once you are aware, and as an observer of yourself, discover all those things that you still have to integrate, you can work with them to continue evolving and growing. But I warn you, it will not be an easy task. Often, you will find yourself in contradictions, since your ego likes to protect itself.

But that may be the beauty, the process of self-discovery with its affirmations and contradictions, to finally integrate them within ourselves.
Today the oracle of our team will help us to respond, Am I aware of my thoughts?

Choose between cards 1,2 and 3 and then find his wise advice.

If you picked # 1

It is very difficult for you to understand yourself, many times you do not know what is happening to you. Perhaps it is easier for you to feel sad, or you go to the other extreme and the first thing that comes is anger. Or a whirlwind that not even you understand.

It is important that you begin to work on yourself, in realizing what is going through your head, it is enough that the mind works alone and without control.

You must be able to observe when you mistreat yourself, when sudden anger invades you and it is only deep sadness, or when bitterness comes because things do not turn out the way you once wanted. Being aware, attentive to what goes through our heads, is a great first step of personal liberation.

If you chose # 2

You’ve done ant work on yourself, partly painful, but you don’t want your thoughts to get out of control anymore, because you want to be truly happy and you need to be alert and awake.

Follow this path, looking at yourself, avoiding harming the other when you are sad or angry. That light that you radiate will illuminate the one who wishes to learn with humility in his heart and will annoy the haughty. You follow your learning in peace and silence.

If you chose # 3

Sometimes it is difficult for you to distinguish if what your heart or your head wants is the right thing, but generally, you aim for it quite well. To make your thoughts conscious and have clarity, you need to heal some hurts, such as the habit that we all have of blaming the other.

When we stop holding a third party responsible for what happened or happens in my life, I can take 100% of my thoughts, because I know that everything that surrounds me, I have built.

This will help you be clear about anger, sadness, bitterness, even hatred. Heal in-depth, and you will see how your thoughts and mind will become your allies on a day-to-day basis.