Look at the Center of the Image. What Color Do You See? Learn What kind of Genius You Are

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Robert James Hamilton came up with a study in 2014 that established what kind of genius we can become. Do you think you don’t excel at anything or you don’t have talent? The truth is that it is not so because in at least one discipline or part of life you can be a true scholar.

According to this man, we can find four types of bright minds: dynamo, shining, time and steel.

The dynamo geniuses, including such important personalities as Albert Einstein or Bill Gates, are the greatest experts in conceiving impressive things. These people have bright brains, so theirs are the brightest creations in all history.

As for bright geniuses, they have a very high IQ and stand out among others for their leadership qualities, but perhaps they lose the north with relative ease – Bill Clinton or Marilyn Monroe are among them.

What about the geniuses of the time? Important human beings like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela belong to this section, so you can already have an idea of ​​their definition: aware of the problems that surround them, they usually try to give everything they have to make the world a better place.

The last classes, the geniuses of steel, are people who want to accumulate a fortune thanks to a particular idea. They manage information like no other and care for the smallest details. Mark Zuckerberg himself is one of them!

And you, do you want to know what kind of genius you are? Probably, the test that we present today is not validated by science or a well-known psychologist, but perhaps thanks to it you will perfectly know certain details about yourself that you have not perceived.

As you can see, an optical illusion is in front of you. It is a circle of black and white tones, but there is a great possibility that by staring at the center of the design you will then see a different color. Have your eyes, by chance, seen a reddish, greenish, yellowish or bluish hue? Check the answer!

1. Red color ❤️

Do you belong to 35% of respondents who have chosen this option? Well, first of all, you have to know that the frequency of the brain wave you use most is in the range between 150 and 180 Hz. This has a spectacular effect on your IQ: you have intelligence above the world average. You have exceeded 130 points, so some problems for you can be overcome with a snap of your fingers … You are the genius of logic!

Often when you have a difficult crossroads in front of you, all the alternatives you can choose come to your mind. Your intuition is legendary, but we don’t advise you to always trust what it says, since you may have a big problem.

For you, solving problems is a child’s task: everyone is looking for you to ask you for help as your ability to emerge victorious from any odyssey is at its best. In addition, you have leadership qualities: have you never appreciated that everyone follows you? You have a great influence on them …

2. Yellow color ?

This is not exactly the most chosen alternative since only 2 out of 10 people see this color, but the truth is that all its voters belong to a sublime area.

As for the frequency of the brain waves in which you operate daily, it is between 120 and 150 Hz. This defines you as a phenomenal person: you would be a master of chess. As we all know, in this game it is necessary to apply logic and understand the opponent’s mind, so the fun of the genes is considered.

One of the virtues that most characterize you is your ability to appreciate the small details that surround you. When you enter a room or visit an unknown place, you immediately start looking at everything thoroughly. Your mind is really creative, so you are a person who loves artistic disciplines.

On the other hand, new experiences give meaning to your life, so you accept any challenge without thinking about the consequences … You are really daring!

3. Blue color ?

30% of respondents indicated that it is undoubtedly the blue color that can be seen after looking at the center of the image. You must know that you use a brain frequency between 100 and 120 HZ, a fact that makes you the genius of perception.

All the concepts of life are clear to you, so making complicated decisions is nothing to you. Your enormous intellect far exceeds that of the rest of the population.

As for the relationship with other people, you prefer to be honest and not lie when it comes to expressing your opinion. Your closest collaborators always ask for your opinion, for any problem, especially if they are dealing with a difficult or complicated one.

Patience and knowing how to be are two of your main qualities, as well as being an efficient worker who loves to work in a team. You are reliable, therefore always surrounded by people who appreciate you very much.

4. Green color ?

After observing the optical illusion for a few seconds, did you notice that the green color is the predominant one? Only 15% of the population opts for this shade. If you want to know what kind of genius you are, read on because you will be surprised.

The word that defines you completely is talented. From an early age, others have seen how you distinguished yourself in each of the disciplines you have faced: a genius or an innate talent for everything?

As for your brain frequency, it’s between 0 and 10 HZ. You are open-minded, so nothing surprises you, apart from the fact that your curiosity is legendary. For you, going out and seeing the world is something you are completely passionate about: a trip with your friends to an exotic place and also an experience that you hadn’t had before are things you wouldn’t mind doing imminently

Since you have experienced many things in your life, you usually advise your closest friends on certain aspects of life. Listening to you is a real treat!