Optical Illusion: Find Out What Your Most Dominant Thought Is

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One of the fundamental things that we all need to understand about ourselves is how we see the world.

Once we understand the theories of specific personality traits, we can know what to look for and how to stay on our best path.

To discover part of this theory of personality is to look at the image below. Don’t overthink it, just pay attention to the first thing you saw when you looked at the image.

What was the first thing you captured in the image? If the first thing you saw was …


Clouds and blue sky

If the first thing you noticed was the clouds and the sky, you have the form of someone who focuses on massive image weighting. It’s a good talent!

Not everyone is willing to take on essential goals that can provide you with necessary, expansive, and inventive concepts that benefit not only your own life but everyone in general.

The damaging side of being this way is that you might miss smaller details, and because of that, you generally drop the ball and don’t meet your goals.

Do not let the year that passed be like the one or those to come. Keep up your high ambitions and make sure you don’t let trivia stop you from achieving your goals.

Think like the greats and with just a little planning, anything will be possible.


In case you have chosen this option and observed the shape of a guitar first, you are the type of person who depends heavily on the love and support of your friends, which means that you can have high emotional intelligence.


While the rest of the world can focus on things like losing weight or getting promoted, your world is sure to keep you relatively stable, as long as you have the love and support of the people who matter most to you.

Having a support system made up of friends who mean the world to you is absolutely invaluable.

That said, none of these friends would be satisfied to know that you are keeping your life in a waiting pattern simply for the sake of making sure you spend time with them.

Try to look beyond your social circle. There is a whole wild world with many friends waiting to be included in your list of close friends.