Prey Or Predator? The Face You Saw First Reveals Your Mental Age

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One thing we’ve all discovered over the years is that even though our bodies are constantly evolving, our minds don’t always keep pace.

Unlike our appearance, which changes naturally over time, without requiring any interference on our part, our mind needs to be stimulated all the time to evolve.

Although some processes are natural to our bodies, we need to absorb our experiences and learn from each one so that our minds keep pace with us and help us to become mature and responsible people.

Those who tend to reach mental maturity more quickly are those who go through several challenging situations since the beginning of life, having to fend for themselves, without being able to count on the willingness and support of those close to them.


These people need to deal with a series of problems constantly and discover the negative side of those around them quite often, which makes them true teachers of wisdom and maturity.

Are you in this group of people or do you identify more with those who still need to mature a lot, as they had calmer paths, who never brought you face to face with the complicated things in life?
Our mental age has a lot to do with the experiences we’ve accumulated, and possibly you may not feel so mature because you haven’t been put into so many challenging situations.

In the test we bring you today, we’ll help you figure out your mental age, whether it’s related to your experiences or not. This challenge will be very nice and may introduce you to a new part of your personality that you may never have given enough attention to.

Ready? Have you analyzed the image and made your choice? Now let’s reveal your test result!


If you saw the wolf

This represents that your mental age is around 50 years old. Regardless of the age of your body, this is a good sign, because it demonstrates that you are a person who has managed to accumulate a lot of experience so far.

This maturity did not always come through peaceful experiences, and your heart may have been bruised several times in the process, but you always knew how to face problems in the best possible way, using them for your own growth.

This mental age, not only means that you are the “adviser” of your group of friends, always valued for your words, it also means that you enjoy their company a lot and do not indulge in superficial relationships.


If you saw the lamb

Your mental age is in your 18s, regardless of your true body age. This data is a reflection of the way you behave on a daily basis and an important hint of the skills you need to develop.

18-year-olds are often inconsequential and don’t care about anyone but themselves. They think that the world owes them something and that they are free to do as they please, leaving others to blame for their mistakes. You act like that at various times.

This result indicates that you may need to better develop your “adult” side, take charge of your life, fight for your goals, and know-how to value the people on your side, this is essential for your success and prosperity in all areas of your personal journey.