The Indian Goddess Of Love Reveals What Type of Partner Are You In a Relationship

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Relationships are like snowflakes; everyone is unique and different. However, there are certain types of partners that you may encounter more than once as you date more people.

Take this fascinating quiz to find out what type of partner you are! All you have to do is choose an image of an Indian goddess of love.


Image no.1

You are the leader and dominant in any relationship. True Alpha. You create a paradise for a chosen person.

Your personal space is a cozy and safe environment for a loved one. You always know what is beneficial to whom, how and when, and what is completely unacceptable.

You are the creator of any of your relationships. In them, you are both king and God.

Image no.2

In a relationship, you are a charm. You’re beautiful, playful, cunning, so it’s hard not to admire you.

You are a tireless person and a cute creature. It’s never boring with you. It is never calm with you. You can’t be trusted and usually, sometimes you talk about it yourself. You are able to deceive anyone and break the strongest relationship.

You like to tease, run, disappear, you like to flirt. You can change and leave at any time without looking back. You value little in this world. The most important thing for you is hunting and passion.

Image no.3

Freedom is important to you in relationships. Freedom to say what you think is necessary at any time.

The freedom to go where you are drawn and with whom you want. You can be a charming bird or a terrible winged predator – it all depends on your mood and condition.

You don’t know how to change and forgive. You don’t need personal space – you need the whole world and unconditional respect for your freedom.

Image no.4

You are open, friendly, and pleasant. The comfort of a loved one is important to you in a relationship.

You protect your relationship at all costs. Betrayal is unacceptable to you.

You are positive, you don’t need personal space, you are focused on the person you are with.