What Are You Missing In Life At This Moment? What Did You See First?

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Many of us are driven by restlessness and inner longing, a feeling that something is missing in life, although it is difficult to know what it is.

We have the belief, even if we are not aware of it, that when we have a better relationship, a more satisfying job, more money, the next vacation, a better body, or a number of other things, we will feel satisfied. May our life feel more complete.

However, even when we have a new relationship, more money, or whatever, we still feel like there must be more.

So what are we really looking for? What are we looking for?

At the center of this search is the need to know who we are and why we are here. What is this journey that we call life about?

This feeling that something is missing is often an invitation to become more aware of our essence and who we are beyond the superficial level of our life.

This simple test could help you understand what you currently lack in life, what inhibits your development, and the movement towards new horizons. Perhaps the revealed truth will prompt active action, and push you to make an important decision.

You must determine which image you saw first. Your choice will be the answer to the question posed: What are you missing in life at this moment?

Before completing the task, find a quiet moment and isolate yourself from external factors, and tune in to the universe to receive new information.

 Focus on your thoughts and take a quick look at the image. What is the first thing you saw? 


You lack freedom. Your life is limited by certain boundaries and you lack the courage or desire to go beyond your limits.

You depend too much on the circumstances and opinions of others: the idea of ​​leaving everything, leaving, radically changing destiny from time to time comes to mind, but then fear takes over, and dreams of freedom are still just dreams.
Start small: do at least once not what is expected of you, but what you want most.

This will be the first step towards freedom: freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom of choice. It’s hard to just get started, the further struggle with stereotypes and restrictions will start on its own.


You just need rest, relaxation, distraction. It is not just about lying on the couch with a book on the weekend, but about a complete trip that allows you to distract yourself from the routine and get your thoughts in order.

You are mentally and physically exhausted, chronic fatigue negatively affects both business and cash life. A person who has not rested for a long time is simply not able to build his life effectively.

Spend your next vacation not at home, but outside your hometown or country. Adequate rest heals and helps you feel the joy of life better than any doctor.


You lack luck. It doesn’t matter which one: in love, in career, financially. The desired constantly slips out of hand, sometimes at the last minute, leading to despair.

Living, feeling like a loser, is not so easy, and in the periods when destiny is put to the test for strength, the main thing is not to break down and not to lose faith in goodness and justice.

Do not let yourself be scattered. Such periods are an integral part of life. They pass and after the black stripe, the white one certainly comes. The more positive the attitude, the fate will smile and reward the resilience shown.