There are 16 tigers in this image; can you find them all?

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While at first glance it seems to be a picture of a tiger family with two adult tigers and two cubs, actually there are 16 tigers inside this picture. Surprised?

What’s more interesting is that not many can spot all the tigers embedded in this picture in 30 seconds. Some of them are too difficult to spot and many have failed even after trying for several hours!

Optical illusions, such as this one, are definitely fun to attempt but what one can learn from these is the way the brain and the vision coordinate. Optical illusions also teach us about looking at things in a different manner, going into details within a few seconds of looking at the picture.

So, how many tigers could you spot till now?

02/6​The first 4

These four tigers are the first ones that everybody can spot. The two adult tigers with the two cubs are sitting on a stone with the sun setting behind them.

03/6​Look a bit harder, you can see these four

Now shift your glance to one of the biggest elements in the picture which is the tree. There are four tigers in the tree itself. While the upper one is easy to spot, the lower one is a bit difficult to notice.

Now move your eyes to the uppermost branch of the tree. Can you see the one right next to the setting sun and the other one next to this one?

04/6​The ones that might have caught your attention by now

By this time, you might have seen the three hidden tigers; two of which are on the stones below the paws of the cubs and the adult tiger which is sitting. The third hidden tiger can be seen next to the adult tiger which is standing.

05/6​The most difficult ones

These 5 tigers are the most difficult to spot. They have been embedded so cleverly within all the elements of the picture that it is very difficult for a person to spot them at the first glance.

That’s how optical illusions tell us about brain and vision coordination; sometimes we miss things even if they are right in front of us.

06/6​Why are optical illusions so tricky?

Optical illusions deceive the mind. Things that are openly lying before us does not come within the purview of our vision. This is because our mind is unable to perceive the optical illusion in the way it is.

This trick is often used as a key by psychologists to conclude on the various nature and traits of human beings. The manner and the degree with which a person is able to solve an optical illusion reveals a lot about the personality.