The 2-Minute Test that Reveals What we Lack in Life to be Happy

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What are we missing in life to be happy? Sometimes it can happen to feel dissatisfied but not to fail to understand the reason for our discomfort. If you are in this situation, this simple personality test can help you take a new path.

With all the lightness of the case (obviously, it won’t be the answer to a test to change your life) try to make this fun experiment, it takes just a couple of seconds.

To start the test just look at this picture: what do you see first?The 2-Minute Test that Reveals What we Lack in Life to be Happy


Test results

The pigeon

If at first glance, looking at the image, you have found a pigeon, this means that at this moment in your life you want to experience the feeling of freedom. This can involve a change in work or a journey of transformation, or even get rid of a relationship that no longer works and find something you are passionate about again. The advice is to focus on enthusiasm and motivation.

Two little girls playing

If, on the other hand, the first thing you have seen are two little girls playing what you need in your life to be happy is to free yourself from the feeling of stress, from the obligations that overwhelm you and from unnecessary commitments. The advice is to come back to a little child while having fun and laughing with your friends, find an activity that makes you relax and enjoy the good times.