Eat More Red Onion: It Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Nose Bleeds Protects The Heart

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The smell of red onions makes some people adore them, while others detest them. However, its effects on health are astounding! It is best consumed raw because cooking it diminishes its nutritional value. Red onions go well in a lot of combinations, and they’re also great as a side dish for lunch. These are the top seven health benefits of red onions.

Stops cancer cell growth

Onion is brimming with sulfur compounds that shield the body from ulcers and different diseases. They will likewise battle bacteria in the urinary tract.

Controls diabetes

Raw onions accelerate the creation of insulin. In case you’re diabetic, eat raw new onions.

Cures constipation

The onion’s fibers assist with constipation.  They take the poisons out of your intestines.

Onion juice is customarily utilized against colds and sore throat, and it gives extraordinary results.

Nose bleeds

Red onions prevent the bleeding from the nose. Another thing which prevents the bleeding from the nose is smelling them.

Protects the heart

Onion shields from coronary disease and controls hypertension.

Controls cholesterol levels

Raw onions control the cholesterol levels and reduce the bad cholesterol.

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