Pick A Tribal Spirit Mask To Reveal What Kind Of Person You Are

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Tribal masks have a powerful purpose. In traditional uses, they are worn by a dancer that then becomes “bearer” of the spirit of the mask, a sort of a medium between the tribe and a spirit.

Everyone has a unique taste, which means our choices can say a lot about who we are as individuals. Pick a mask from below then scroll down to your answer to learn about your interesting qualities.

Which Mask Do You Feel Drawn To?



If you picked this mask, then you are very in touch with your emotions. You’re not afraid to be vulnerable and expressive.

You understand the magnitude of your words and you don’t want to use your strength to cause harm. Since you’re aware of the consequences, you think very carefully before you speak. Your poetic mind is capable of creating beautiful gifts.



If you picked this mask, you love a good time and you don’t care what anyone else has to say! You are the kind of free that most people only dream they could be.

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Your sense of humor is your strength and you use this as your tool to make others around you feel good. You know that life is too short to take things too seriously.



If you picked this mask, then you have a fire in you that makes you a great fighter. You never quit and you never let people bring you down. You are a great force that empowers everyone around you.

No matter how hard life can get, you don’t cower in the face of danger. You keep smiling. Although you are incredibly brave, you’re also intelligent to know that sometimes working in a team can get you farther in life.



If you picked this mask, beware of your inner demons. You’re probably fighting something right now and it’s important that you keep your emotions in check.


Steer clear of confrontations to avoid a blow up you’ll regret later. Remember to lean on your support circle to get you through whatever tough times you’re experiencing.



If you picked this mask, then you have the strength and charisma of a brilliant leader. You are both stern and friendly, depending on the situations you get yourself into.

People know they can trust you, but they also know that crossing you would be a huge mistake. You’ve worked hard to earn people’s respect, so use your abilities to create positive change in the world.



If you picked this mask, your greatest strength is your intuition. Since you are incredibly empathetic, you can read anyone like a book and connect with people from all walks of life.

You use this power to improve the well-being of those around you instead of using it for your own manipulation. Instead of judging others, first, you put yourself in their shoes and try to help them out of tricky situations. This skill makes you a pure being.



If you picked this mask, then you are a giving soul. Whenever there is trouble, you’re the first one to show up and offer your time. Everyone knows they can depend on you and they trust you with their life.


Although you never ask for anything in return, you inspire people to continue paying it forward. The beautiful relationships you build from your service make your work so rewarding.



If you picked this mask, you’re known as the dark and mysterious one. You have a strength and allure people can’t put their finger on.

Although you are aware of your abilities, you know you do best when you stay humble. You’re introverted, so you spend most of your time alone.

If a great opportunity arises, you can be the life of the party, though. You have a lot of tricks up your sleeve that keep people guessing!

Were you surprised by your result? Share your tribal mask with your friends to find out what they got!