Spot hidden face of a Beautiful Woman inside forest with an Owl in 7 Secs!

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Did you know that optical illusions are deeply fascinating, mind-bending, and shape-shifting images of objects or people or drawings that challenge our way of perceiving things? If we look around, there are many types of optical illusions like physiological, physical, and cognitive illusions. These optical illusions are an integral part of psychoanalysis as they describe how your brain perceives things. A human brain can see such images differently forming various perceptions differing from each angle.  One such clever illustration can be seen in a creative image of an Owl in the forest where a beautiful woman is hiding somewhere in the picture.

The above image was shared as a Master of Deception on social media. This optical illusion challenges you to identify the hidden face of a beautiful woman inside the forest where a big owl is flying.  This image is a creative art that confuses the viewers by challenging them to find the girl’s face. This optical illusion is famous with the name “An Owl or a Woman”?

Did you find the Woman’s Face inside the Forest in 7 Seconds?

Take a close look at this optical illusion drawing and try to spot the hidden woman’s face blending into the background of the forest. In case you are stuck with the image and are not able to find the beautiful woman, try to find the face in the trees of the forest. Were you able to spot her in the illusion ‘An Owl or a Woman’, or was she too well hidden?


If you look at the left side of the owl, you will be able to see the hidden face of a woman. The trees are the hair of the woman. Now look further more closely at the left side of the owl, you will be able to see the nose and mouse of the woman. By combining all of this, you will be able to see the beautiful face of the woman. It has been claimed that people with high intelligence levels can spot the hidden face of the woman inside this optical illusion. The image has left thousands of adults confused as it is quite tricky to find the woman’s face inside the forest.

Optical illusions tend to give fascinating insights into how our brains work. Also, many kinds of research have revealed that the more you exercise your brain with difficult puzzles, the smarter you tend to be. So tell us, were you able to spot the beautiful woman hiding inside the forest where an owl is flying around in this optical illusion?