What is Your Life Purpose? Choose a Spiritual Symbol to Find Out

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Spiritual symbols are everywhere. From the Bodhi tree leaf to the dreamcatcher next to your bed, they all symbolize something. 

Although we have largely forgotten their importance in today’s life, they can still make a strong psychological impression on our minds. 
One of the biggest challenges we face is figuring out exactly what we want to do with our lives.

For some of us, our purpose and passion are obvious and clear. We are born with a set of talents and through persistent practice, we develop our skills. For others, it is not so easy to identify a passion. 

You may even have asked yourself at one point in your life: “What should I do with my life?” “What is my passion?” or “What is the purpose of my life?”

Many seem to believe that purpose stems from the special gifts that set you apart from others, but that’s only part of the truth. It also arises from our connection to the environment, so a crisis of purpose is often a symptom of isolation.

Once you find your way, you will almost certainly find other people traveling with you, hoping to reach the same destination: a community.

  •  Sit comfortably with your back straight
  • Tune in to receive the message and ask yourself an internal question about your life purpose
  • Look closely at the image and intuitively select the one that answers your question
  • Read the interpretation of your Purpose.

Do not forget that the meaning of your Destiny is not what you can receive from the world, but what you can share with the world.


Symbol # 1

You know how to work with things better than others, to give order and system. You are extremely disciplined, responsible, and hardworking.

Your main gift is the strength of mind and will, which cannot fail to bring positive results both in material and spiritual aspects.

In the material world, you are an excellent organizer and leader, in the spiritual world, you are an ascetic and a practitioner.

In a negative manifestation, you run the risk of falling into the condemnation and rejection of those who do not have such a strong will and desire for order. Therefore, your karmic task is to help people face difficulties and overcome obstacles.

Purpose: Any situation is not only the result of individual will and discipline but also an example of divine wisdom and order. Everything in the world is natural and in its place, even if at first glance it seems chaotic.

Learning to see and be aware of the divine order in everything, and also promoting that order is your destiny.

Symbol # 2

Your gift is a great creative and creative force. You are a leader, people are attracted to your light and energy. Your authority is so natural that you don’t need to conquer it specifically.

Most likely, they will recognize you as a leader or representative of the power structures. Such a gift in a negative manifestation can lead to pride and selfishness, and can sometimes manifest as low self-esteem and resentment due to endless dissatisfaction with the situation.

Therefore, among the karmic tasks is the education of modesty, acceptance, work with pride.

Purpose: Your authority and power must contribute to the realization of divine love and harmony in the world. Fame and power in themselves mean nothing, and light always coexists with a shadow, in which there is no less meaning and beauty.

It is important to realize and accept the inner shadow, to establish a balance of opposites.

Symbol # 3

You are an inventor and innovator. Everything new and unusual in the world is the work of people like you. In a negative manifestation, this gift can be transformed into uncertainty, doubt, and denial of tradition.

Creating something fundamentally new presupposes an awareness of the total freedom of choice and action that everyone is endowed with, but not everyone is willing to use this freedom.


Only by realizing this freedom at each stage of our journey can we gain wisdom and knowledge that will open up new horizons for us.

Purpose: Divine freedom means freeing yourself from the conventions of the mind, listening to your Heart, intuitive knowledge, which is only possible in the Divine Current.

By feeling and realizing the Divine flow, you can create something truly great, fundamentally new, and necessary for the world.