What you see first reveals much about your love life

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Optical illusions are designed to trick our eyes and brains into seeing something that doesn’t exist in reality. They compel us to look at the image twice due to the arrangement of images, and the impact that colours and light sources leave on our eyes. While optical illusions are centuries old, they have now gained popularity among netizens.

Today’s optical illusion will reveal much about your love life based on what you see first.

Take a look at the image below.

What do you see first in the viral optical illusion that claims to reveal about your love life? A man or a woman?

Woman noticing man

If you are a woman and noticed the man first, it signifies that either you are looking for a romantic partner or have a heightened sexual desire.

However, if you are already dating someone, it connotes that you feel a deep connection with your partner and things are going well.

Man noticing woman

If you are a man and catch sight of a woman first, you are wishing for a partner.

Man noticing man

If you are a man and notice a man first, it implies that you need to take care of your relationships with other men.

Woman noticing woman

If you are a woman and take notice of a woman, it shows you feel confident in your skin and emits positive energy that attracts others.