What can awaken your sensitivity? What you see first will reveal it

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Do you want to know what can awaken your sensitivity? Take our test and find out! You’ll be amazed at what you discover when you look deep within yourself. See what you can uncover and explore your innermost feelings and emotions. Unlock the power of your sensitivity today!

Personality tests are a great way to get to know yourself better. By taking this test, you can gain insight into your sensitivities, and learn more about how you interact with the world around you.

In this test, you will be presented an image, and based on what you see first, you can learn more about your inner sensitivities. Take the test today to discover what lies beneath your conscious awareness!

A woman

People who saw a woman first tend to be highly sensitive and intuitive, picking up on subtle cues in their environment.

They are open and responsive to the feelings of others, and can be affected by the emotional atmosphere around them.

They have a strong sense of empathy towards those in need, and are often able to provide support and comfort when needed.

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They tend to be creative problem solvers and are often able to identify solutions to difficult situations.

People with this personality type also tend to be very self-aware, understanding their own emotional triggers and being mindful of how they respond to different stressors.


People who saw flowers first often have an innate ability to connect with their inner selves and the world around them.

They are usually filled with an appreciation for beauty in all forms, often finding solace in nature or art.

Those with this personality type tend to be reflective and contemplative, often taking time out for quiet moments of introspection.

When faced with personal loss or grief, they can be deeply affected by the emotions involved.

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They may find themselves struggling to make sense of their own feelings or those of others, yet they also possess a strong inner resilience that allows them to eventually find their way back into life’s flow.

A bird

People who saw a bird first tend to be very in tune with their emotions and those of people around them.

They possess a strong capacity for empathy and compassion, often being among the first people to reach out when someone is in need.

People with this personality type tend to think deeply about the world around them and appreciate the interconnectedness of all living things.

They may also find joy in simple pleasures like walking through nature or exploring a new place. Those who saw a bird first also take great pleasure in helping others, often donating time or money to causes they believe in.

We hope you had fun taking this test and learning more about yourself! Be sure to check back regularly on our website for new and exciting personality tests.

If you enjoyed this test, share it with your friends and family. Just remember, this quiz was designed for entertainment purposes only and is not scientifically valid.