Are you curious? What you see first will reveal it

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Are you curious about what the future holds? Take this quick and easy test to find out! See what the first thing you notice reveals about your curiosity level. With just a few clicks, you can gain some insight into yourself and have some fun along the way!

Are you curious? Taking a personality test can be an enlightening experience, helping to give insight into the core aspects of your character.

By examining what your initial reaction is, the test claims to offer an insight into your personality and how you approach different situations.


People who saw a book in first are often attracted to knowledge and learning. These individuals are curious and eager to learn more, developing an inquisitive mind from an early age.

They are analytical, organized and prefer structure in their lives. They are also logical thinkers, able to process information with ease and come to logical conclusions.

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They can also be creative thinkers when it comes to problem solving. People who see a book in first also tend to be resourceful, making use of the resources available to them in order to achieve their goals.


People who saw flowers in first are often full of optimism and enthusiasm for life. They have a strong appreciation for beauty and the finer things in life, savoring small moments of joy.

They tend to be creative individuals who think outside the box, looking at things from different perspectives. They often have a flair for the dramatic and enjoy expressing themselves through art or music.

These individuals also value their freedom of thought, open-mindedness and independence.

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Just remember: this test is purely for entertainment purposes and does not carry any scientific value.