What Did You See First? It Can Say a Lot About You!

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The 1892 drawing of most is Vanity by the illustrator Charles Alan Gilbert, who painted at just 18 years of age, is considered by many to function as best optical illusion of all time. Reproductions of the optical illusion remain popular today, nearly 100 years after the first appearance of this design. Do not think. Avoid the screen watching. What did you see first?

You are a rebel, a person who thinks freely. Passionate and strong. The skull is among the oldest and most powerful symbols and for you personally, it symbolizes what you would like: protection, strength, power, courage, wisdom, leadership, survival in difficult times, and immortality.

You are aware of the invaluable value of time and of our temporary existence in this physical world. This is not a poor or depressing thing for you, but it shows awareness of the importance of living in the moment, the spark for life and spiritual development. You’re an esoteric person, minus a lone wolf, you love solitude and reflection. You are feeling like you’ve discovered all the secrets of the world. You want to maintain the company of “deeper” people.


A girl looking in the mirror
You are proud and vain only initially sight, and in your soul, you’re a romantic and a dreamer. Sometimes you suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Always remember the criticisms and forget the praise.

Even if 1, 000 people praise you and one criticizes you, you will think only of that criticism and believe only inside it. You like beauty, imagination, planning and you’re less of a perfectionist. You usually live in your world. You are creative, meticulous, you have a sense of art and aesthetics, but you don’t know the ugly, nevertheless, you see the potential beauty in it. For you, the mirror is not only symbolic of physical but additionally spiritual reflection.