Test of Adam and Eve: What Should Never be Missing in Love for You

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The Adam and Eve test reveals to you what you absolutely cannot miss in love. In fact, Adam and Eve are the personification of the creation of the first man and first woman.

If at this moment I asked some people: “What is love “, you would most likely receive many different answers. Although there are some similarities, the concept of love is so intimate and personal that it would be impossible to define it with certainty.

Adam and Eve test: find out what for you cannot absolutely miss in a love story, what for you represents the origin of the purest love.
For each person, the meaning of love is different, in each of us there is something that should never be missing, which represents the origin of the purest and most real love.

This test of Adam and Eve has as its protagonists the first man and first woman created by God, who personifies the myth of creation.

Look at the picture: what do you see first?


If the first thing you see in the Adam and Eve test is the apple, it means that the basis of a relationship for you is trust. For you in love, it is essential to feel safe and secure. Without trust you cannot give yourself completely, you cannot open yourself completely.

Without that in love nothing makes sense. If your partner betrayed your trust, you would never be able to forgive him, there would be no way to put a piece on your love. It would end forever.


If the first thing you saw in the image are the bodies, their outlines or a specific part of them, it means that for you what you can not miss in a love relationship is chemistry. For the stability of your romance, you have to feel a physical affinity with each other, above all else. And this also and above all concerns, the way in which your partner kisses you embraces you or takes your hand.

So you can also have the same tastes, ideals or way of seeing the life of your partner, but if the chemistry is scarce you do not have problems closing a story that you know very well would not have the conditions to continue.