The Simpsons’ 2024 Predictions: US Presidential Run to Blackhole, 10 wacky-warnings You Need to see

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Did they see it coming? The clock’s struck midnight in 2024, and guess who’s back with their uncanny knack for peering into the future? Of course – The Simpsons! From robot presidents to flying cars, their outlandish predictions have a habit of hitting a little too close to home. This time, it looks like the Simpsons may have predicted things that are quite close to what actually happened. Let’s look at 10 of their craziest predictions and see if Springfield’s crystal ball has any surprises for the coming year.

The Simpsons’ 2024 Predictions

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Trump’s 2024 Presidential run

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Donald Trump, the former President of the United States who lost his bid for a second term, took center stage and declared his candidacy for the 2024 elections. Determined to reclaim the position he lost in 2021, Trump made his announcement. Interestingly, in a 2015 episode titled ‘BART To the Future,’ Homer Simpson is depicted flying past a sign in the background that reads ‘Trump 2024.’ Interestingly, the episode came way before, Trump had even become president.

AI Robots taking over

Artificial Intelligence has significantly impacted numerous income-generating sectors worldwide. The global workforce has experienced numerous layoffs simultaneously. Interestingly, in Episode 17, Series 23, there’s a scene depicting Homer losing his job because his employer replaced all human employees with robots.

Female presidency

Lisa plays the first female president of the United States in the Back to the Future’ episode. Some believe that Kamala Harris’s rise has already confirmed this forecast. It will be interesting to see, though, whether any other female contender wins the presidential run.

Virtual Reality food

While Homer and Marge’s virtual fudge feast from the 2000’s Simpsons episode might seem like a distant dream, the rise of VR dining experiences like Aero Banquets RMX shows that the line between virtual and real-life culinary adventures is blurring. Could 2024 be the year we finally grab a VR spoon and dig into digital delicacies?

Conquering Mars

Many elite groups on Earth share the dream of conquering Mars and establishing a human presence there. In a Simpsons episode, Lisa discovers that the government is seeking volunteers willing to sign up for a migration to Mars and she soon starts to live there. Well, nobody is unaware of Elon Musk’s popular ambition to populate the Red Planet.

Baby Translator

If only we could understand why babies cry, it would solve a big challenge for new parents. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? However, in Episode 24 of the 3rd season, titled ‘Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes,’ Homer’s half-brother, Herb Powell, invents a magical service that can do just that. While it may have seemed like a joke at the time, can you believe that a Swiss company called Zoundream has now developed a machine claiming to translate a baby’s voice?

Black Hole

While India’s recent space launch promises to unveil new secrets of the Black Hole, a 2013 Simpsons episode, Treehouse of Horror 23, offered a hilariously dark take on the power of black holes. While Springfield’s fate may rest easy, the real world’s quest to understand these cosmic marvels is just beginning, and 2024 is poised to bring exciting new discoveries.

Hologram Technology

Hologram Technology is the latest method for revisiting the past. In recent years, this technology has been undergoing significant advancements. In a particular episode of The Simpsons, Bart receives a hologram message inviting his band to perform at a club.

World War 3

Back in 1987, before The Simpsons became a regular show, there was a special episode on the Tracey Ullman Show. In that episode, Homer played pranks on his family, pretending World War III was happening. Now, it’s interesting to note that the chances of a third world war seem closer today than when that episode first aired.

Zombie Apocalypse

Post-apocalyptic thrillers got you hooked? Meet Springfield’s latest twist. In a Simpsons episode, Krusty the Clown’s fast-food sandwich turns news anchor Kent Brockman into an angry zombie. And, just 28 days later, the whole town of Springfield is filled with hungry cannibal zombies.