7 Unbelievable Habits Of People With Hidden Depression

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It might take years before someone realizes they have the severe mental disorder of depression. Those who are depressed but keep it to themselves are fighting their own demons. They are not being transparent about their challenges because they do not want to put an undue load on others around them.

1. They Have Abandonment Problems Usually.
You don’t realize how bad it is until you’ve experienced the pain of desertion. The loss of a loved one is painful at any time, but for depressed individuals, it may be especially heartbreaking. It makes people more secretive about their sentiments and fosters a worry inside them that their loved ones would forsake them, both of which are negative outcomes of the situation.

2. They are always looking for meaning in life.
Everyone needs something to live for. We need to know that we’re contributing to the world in some way. Hidden depression sufferers are not immune to this. They are similarly curious about their own existence’s meaning. They are far more prone to experiencing feelings such as inadequacy and worry, which leads to them striving for something that they can never manage to attain in their own imaginations.

3. They sometimes make hushed cries for help.
We’re all in a pickle sometimes and might use some assistance. It’s easy to miss a person’s pleas for aid if we have no reason to believe they are experiencing emotional distress. In contrast, you’ll develop a deep and trustworthy relationship with them if you pay attention to their screams and provide any assistance at all.

4. They Interpret Substance Differently.
Someone who is struggling with depression will typically be aware of the steps they may take to, at least somewhat, alleviate their suffering. Caffeine and sugar, as well as some medications, are known to have a positive effect on their mood. Unlike the average person, they have to put in a lot of work to start feeling better. Taking a Tylenol for a headache is not the answer.

5. Their views on life and death are often very personal.
Individuals who suffer from depression often confront their own death during periods of despair and search for solutions to the most profound problems that life poses. They have a propensity for jumping from one awful attitude to another. While not every depressed person has suicide thoughts, some do.

6. They Have Strange Eating Habits.
At their lowest points, people with depression may lose all appetite. Having said that, some of them could consume a greater quantity of food while they are at their most severe state. It’s different for everyone.

7. They have irregular sleeping patterns.
Those struggling with depression frequently sleep for days at a time. Sometimes it’s difficult to sleep, and other times it’s all that’s left to do. When a person is suffering from depression, they are coping with a sensation of powerlessness that has the potential to shake their whole world.