How many people can you spot in this drawing? Only 2 percent of people can spot them – can you?

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Optical illusions are captivating phenomena that play tricks on our perception. Optical illusions remind us that what we see is not always a true reflection of the physical world. They intrigue scientists and artists alike, shedding light on the complexities of human cognition and inspiring creative expressions that push the boundaries of what’s visually possible.

A mind-boggling optical illusion created by a Ukrainian artist has gone viral on social media. The optical illusion features a woman with flowing hair. What’s interesting about the illusion is that it hides three other people.

The optical illusion was created by artist Oleg Shupliak. At first glance, the illusion appears to show a woman talking on the phone.

Oleg Shupliak said that only two per cent of the world’s population will be able to see the other three people. Can you spot them? Take a look!

Optical illusion

Can you spot four people in this optical illusion? | Image: Oleg Shupliak

Were you able to spot the three other people?


Look closely.

Still not able to find them?

Want to check the answers?

The second woman is near the first woman’s cheek. Well, yes, that’s not a phone- but a woman.

The third woman is on the first woman’s arm. That’s the side profile of the woman.

The fourth person is quite easy to spot. Notice the lips on the stomach of the first woman? Bingo!

How many people were you able to spot in the optical illusion? Are you in the two per cent group?