8 Signs you Have a Strong Personality that Might Scare Others

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If you have a strong mind, people will usually depict you as arrogant, it’s kind of an unwritten rule. Your strong mind will either attract strong minds alike or will offend a weak one. Whatever the case may be, it’s true that people are scared by a powerful personality and tend to avoid it.

We bring you 8 signs that indicate you have a strong personality:

1. You do not try to please anyone
You don’t do anything to impress other people. You are true to your opinion and to yourself, and pleasing other’s opinions don’t go well with your true character.

2. You do not seek attention
You naturally don’t want attention because you’re confident and happy with who you are and don’t need other’s eyes and approvals on you. It’s because you have approved yourself first.

3. You admit your mistakes
You don’t consider yourself perfect, nor do you try to bring upfront a “perfect” persona in front of your friends. You are not feeling ashamed when you admit your mistakes, because you’re aware of them.

4. You stick to your morals
You have your own opinion on what’s good and what’s bad and nothing and no one will turn a switch on you. You stand firmly on the ground and nothing can throw you out of balance.

5. You do not tolerate excuses
Here, the problem is not the ego. Not tolerating excuses is something that you will often find yourself thinking that it’s a waste of time. You want to leave your comfort zone and try to make the best of it.

6. You cannot stand ignorance and insensitivity
You don’t like people that are ignorant and act fast and make decisions very quickly. You are aware and thoughtful, and you have empathy.

7. You don’t like small talk
“What’s the weather there?” is one of the questions that won’t start a nice conversation with you. You tend to either speak about something more meaningful to waste time on mindless conversations.

8. You are not arrogant – you just have a strong attitude
You are the type of person that knows your own value. Once you know your value you know what to bring in your life and what is meaningful and what is not. Being upfront and direct in needed situations, and stand firmly on the ground is a gift that should not be taken as a joke. Those who are insecure will find themselves easily offended, but you don’t care. You won’t change who you are.